Oil for wood exterior finish


Exterior oil finish, natural and non-toxic

Use :

Exterior, for all surfaces already treated with exterior oil EcoSelection primer

Characteristics :

This oil blend applied to your surfaces will protect them from the sun, abrasion and the elements. This mixture is specially designed to let the wood breathe Ie when it is dried, it creates a checkerboard small enough to prevent water drops and dirt from getting embedded in the wood, but large enough to let air and humidity pass. The appearance of your surface when dried will be matte and slightly darker and yellowish. On concrete and slate, the finish will be satin from the 1stst coat

Complete composition:

100% natural deproteinized linseed oil, 100% natural soybean oil, isoparaffin, orange wax, 100% natural orange terpene, 100% natural lavender essential oil and 100% natural lead-free driers (less than 1%) , essential oil of cedar, pine and thyme 100% natural.

How to apply :

Apply with a regular brush or foam brush or short nap roller. Can also be applied to cloth, "finishing pad", sheepskin, single disc machine or vibrating sander at ambient temperature above 20 ° C. After 45 minutes, any excess should be removed.


Test to determine performance. Note that the average yield described below was calculated on a wood surface finished with grade 120 sandpaper.

2nd, 3rd coat: 250 sq. Ft. Per liter

Cleaning :

Clean your equipment with EcoSelection thinner immediately after use. To save oil, if you plan to reuse regularly or shortly, you can, in a bucket, let your applicator soak. Note that the entire surface must be covered, otherwise oil-soaked surfaces exposed to air will dry out and harden.

Drying time :

At 21 ° C and 50% relative humidity in the air, 12 hours for the first coat, then 24 hours for subsequent coats. Complete hardness obtained after 4 weeks. At higher temperatures, the drying time will be shorter. In the case of lower temperatures and higher humidity, the drying times will be longer than those indicated above.


About 0.97 g / ml.

Precautions for use:

  • It is important to ventilate during and after application. To avoid any risk of spontaneous ignition, keep your applicators and your rags ... still soaked in oil away from the air in a hermetically sealed container or in water and dispose of them.
  • The product itself is not self-igniting. It contains limonene as well as essential oils which can cause allergic reactions.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • If swallowed, do not induce vomiting: immediately call the poison control center at 1 800 463-5060 or dial 911


  • In Quebec: If your container is empty, drop it off for recycling or return it to the manufacturer. If there is any liquid left, return it to the manufacturer.
  • In the rest of Canada: according to local guidelines and laws
  • Storage: Cool and dry. In unopened original packaging, can be kept for at least 10 years in an environment between 10⁰ Celsius and 24⁰ Celsius. It is strongly recommended that the product remains be transferred to a smaller, airtight container to protect the product from the air. Ex: jar Masson

Application tips :

* This product is exclusively for exterior application. Note that since the oil is penetrating, the finish to the touch will be about the same before and after the oil treatment.

Wood :

The wood must be dry (wood humidity less than 12%), resistant, absorbent, clean, free of any resin and dust-free. Perform a minimum sandblasting at grade 100.

If you are applying to the "finishing pad", make sure there is no liquid oil residue on your surface after penetration.

Concrete :

The concrete must be dry (minimum drying two weeks after pouring at 20⁰ Celsius), clean and free from greasy or oily bodies, then dusted.


The lime must be dry, clean and free from greasy or oily bodies, then dusted. Application by roller or brush remains optimal for this type of surface.

Cleaning and maintenance :

For routine maintenance, it is highly recommended to use EcoSelection oiled wood soap. Black soap can also be used. * Avoid putting any detergent soap on your oiled surfaces as you will mar it. Avoid the pressure washer.

Usage tips :

A 120 grade sanding will give the best performance, durability and resistance to dirt and abrasion. Coarse sanding will not provide the necessary water repellency and the finish may eventually take on a greenish tint. The older and drier the wood, the more its color will be revived. If the wood has not been sufficiently saturated and has not received the necessary protective finish film, water can cause stains or discolorations. Before application, glues and adhesives must be fully cured.

* This technical data sheet is published for information and advice. No legal rights can be inferred from this. If in doubt, please check with the retailer or manufacturer.

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